About us

Geodessee Montessori

Hello and welcome to Geodessee Montessori! We are a small, family-run business with the mission of perpetuating the gamification of learning by making education fun and inspirational.

Discovering Montessori philosophy was like an awakening for us. We never imagined there was such a creative and respectful way to teach children. Montessori develops confident, independent and creative children while the materials motivate and challenge.
This is by far the best method for making learning fun and desired by the kids. Creating an environment which supports this philosophy has become our passion and priority.
A little background about us.
Pilar is a chemical engineer and has learned how to program and design websites. She has always been a creative and artistic person and loves educating our children.
I have been a teacher for more than 20 years. Though my experience is mainly with teaching adults, I have also discovered a passion for teaching our children about the world and sparking curiosity in them.
Kids want to discover, to understand how things work, and why things happen. But to satisfy this desire we need to offer them the right materials that will feed their insatiable hunger for knowledge.
Kids learn by playing, by interacting, by using their senses and with repetition. Our games leverage this natural desire to learn by channeling their energy towards emotional and intellectual objectives, to find answers to their questions, to feel the ultimate satisfaction of accomplishment. 
Struggling with new and complex tasks is inevitable, and failing can be frustrating for a child. At first our games can be complex and difficult. But this was one of our objectives when we designed these materials. We wanted them to be fun yet trigger a tenacity in the child, to overcome adversity and challenge them to succeed, even if they had to make several attempts in the process.
There is no greater joy for a parent than to watch their child grow and succeed in a task they are determined to achieve. Imagine watching their faces glow after successfully completing our game. Knowing you contributed to that victory is a priceless compensation.
This is the goal of Montessori and our materials. Not only will they shape the minds of children and pave the road to a successful academic future,  but they will also inspire you as parents to take an active role in their development, in ways you may never have thought possible. 
The journey in life from a happy child to a successful adult starts with engaged parents who care.
Education creates freedom, freedom to decide how to live your life, by your own terms. We as parents have the obligation of creating the environment of success for our children, to sew the seeds of critical thought in their minds.
Making choices which move your children closer to freedom is only possible with proper education and training, and those skills are nurtured from the very beginning of life. We hope our materials will help you in this great adventure.

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed. “

~ Maria Montessori