How it started…

Welcome to Geodessee Toys, a Montessori education and activities blog! But first, a little introduction: my name is Chris. I’m the writer and my wife and creative genius behind Geodessee Toys, is Pilar. We are an American/Spanish couple living in sunny Valencia, Spain raising two beautiful boys.

With Geodessee Toys our mission is to assist in the education of children based on the principles of Montessori, a love of science and Mother Nature.

Discovering Montessori philosophy was like an awakening for us. We never imagined there was such a creative and respectful way to teach children. Montessori develops confident, independent and creative children while the materials inspire and challenge. Our kids ask to play with a different felt board every day!

This is by far the best method for making learning fun and desired by the kids. Creating an environment which supports this philosophy has become our passion and priority.

In fact, the idea for our blog/shop was completely spontaneous. I saw how much fun Pilar was having making the materials for our boys that I suggested she sell them online, and voila! Geodessee Toys was born!

A little background about us. Pilar is a chemical engineer and has learned how to program and design websites. She has always been a creative and artistic person and loves educating our children.

I have been a teacher for more than 20 years. Though my experience is mainly with teaching adults, since the birth of our children, I have also discovered a passion for teaching them about the world and creating curiosity in them.

All of our articles have been inspired by both our own experience and desire to go deeper into certain subjects or issues encountered by countless parents around the world. We want this blog to be a resource and for you, so feel free to ask us about any related topic. If we don’t have the answer we will find it!

Throughout these pages, you can find Montessori related articles and activity suggestions which assist both parents and children to be inspired and create new things.

We like to think that what we are creating here is more than just a learning toy rather a tool to awaken the passion for learning within them, to discover the world and all the wonderful things in it. we hope you’ll join us in the adventure!

If you’re interested in utilizing any of our materials in the development of your children, have a look at our shop.

Here we are…