A Montessori botany lesson can have long-lasting effects on your children. Learning about nature, science and how things work will generate a curiosity in them that could create more environmentally conscious adults and contribute to preserving our planet.

Montessori botany lesson: Flowers

The next lesson in our Montessori botany series is dedicated to flowers. The subjects of countless poems and stories the world over flowers have been admired since the dawn of man. They enchant with their beauty, sweet fragrance, and vibrant…

Montessori Botany: Seeds and the life cycle of a bean plant

The hands-on, sensorial nature of Montessori botany, specifically gardening, was designed to get kids curious about life. Kids love to experiment, watch plants grow and ask questions. This lesson about seeds and the life cycle of a bean plant…

Montessori Botany: Trees and Leaves

My son’s school introduced botany to the students the other day. They had to weed a garden and plant lettuce and onions. It was a wonderful experience for the little ones, getting dirty, carefully planting the lettuce and onion buds; they…