Montessori geography lessons consist of two elements, cultural/political and physical geography. These lesson guides and fun facts will get your kids excited to learn about the vast mysteriousness of our world.

Land and Water Forms Fun Facts

The photo 3-part cards Using the photo nomenclature cards activity is a wonderful method of turning abstract concepts into concrete ones for kids. To assist you as a guide for the Land and Water Forms lesson I have compiled a list of useful…

Montessori Geography: Land and water forms activities

Learning the various land and water forms is an integral part of the Montessori physical geography curriculum. Not only is it important academically but it’s also a lot of fun for the kids. In addition, the activities are hands-on and they…

Montessori Geography: 4 Steps to teaching kids about our world

When Maria Montessori developed her philosophy of teaching geography, the world was in a volatile state. She lived through two world wars witnessing the destruction of many societies and cultures. For this reason, her ambition was to form ideas…