Customs and import taxes

By law, we have to declare the content and the value of all items we send. 

In our experience, there are no taxes or custom fees within Europe as we are based in the EU. We have sent several packages to the United States and our customers have never had to pay any taxes. If the value of your order is less that 800USD you probably don’t have to pay any import fees. For Canada you may be charged import fees if your order is higher than 250CAD.

Beyond this all state and federal taxes, fees, tariffs, and customs duties are the responsibility of the recipient.

That means you are responsible for paying all import duties, import taxes, brokerage charges (if applicable), and Value Added Tax (VAT). These are typically charged based on what you originally paid, but we are not able to assist you in calculating or estimating these amounts. Usually, this is a small percentage of your order value.