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Using the photo nomenclature cards activity is a wonderful method of turning abstract concepts into concrete ones for kids. To assist you as a guide for the Land and Water Forms lesson I have compiled a list of useful information and fun facts about all the land and water forms from the set in our shop. Have a chat about all of them during the lesson and you’ll have the kid’s full attention.



Galapagos Archipelago

The birthplace of the theory of evolution, this bio-diverse group of islands is where Charles Darwin studied the indigenous life and developed his hypotheses. It’s located 900 Kms (600 miles) off the coast of Ecuador and is home to over 200 unique species of animals such as the giant tortoise, the marine iguana and countless species of birds.

Cape Town

Cape Town has been called a European city lost in Africa. It is a lively cosmopolitan city on the southernmost tip of the continent. The surrounding beaches and bays are wild beauties and have amazing cliffs and rock formations. Table Mountain is a truly unique topography and makes the skyline of the city one of the most recognizable in the world.

Bruny Island Isthmus

Bruny Island Neck is the isthmus nature reserve that connects the north and south islands of Bruny in Tasmania. It is a bird-lovers paradise where even penguins can be spotted waddling up the sandy shores.

Petit St Vincent Island

Also, know as PSV, this enchanted island is a part of the Grenadine chain of islands in the Caribbean. It is completely dedicated to a private resort and offers some of the most amazing diving, snorkeling and tropical beaches in the area.

 The Italian Peninsula

One of the most beautiful and historically rich corners of our world, the Italian peninsula is as breathtaking as it is ancient. The Romans once ruled the civilized world from this extraordinary stretch of land, creating some of the most famous pieces of classic art and architecture. A trip here is like taking a time machine though history!

Mount Everest

Stretching to the very rooftop of our planet, Mount Everest is the tallest and most famous mountain in the world. Nestled in the Himalayan mountains on the border of Nepal and China is reaches an altitude of 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) and is an imposing figure in a treacherous environment. First ascended in 1953 by Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay, it has been the dream of climbers the world over to conquer her nearly insurmountable terrain.

Hills in Val d’Orcia

These sublime rolling hills are the epitome of the Tuscan countryside. The Cyprus tree-lined curvy landscape is a Mecca for Italian culture, wine and hospitality. It is littered with picturesque historic little towns, many of which are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you are a cycling enthusiast, you will be in good company here!

Ötztal Valley

Ötztal is one the most famous ski destinations in the eastern Alps and is snuggled up against the Austrian – Italian border in the amazing region of Tyrol. It is truly a valley of superlatives. Home to the tallest mountain, the largest ski glacier and the tallest waterfall in Tyrol, there is no end to its wonders.

Enchanted Mesa

If it’s a cleanly sheered natural wonder you’re seeking, then this sandstone butte is the place for you! Hidden in the outback of New Mexico, this enchanted rock has been awing visitors for millennia. Named by the Spanish conquistadores that discovered her, it is no longer permitted to ascend her 130 meters (430 ft) and explore the ruins that were once home to the Acoma people, as they no longer exist.


Bryce Canyon

This series of small canyons, or amphitheaters, is widely considered one of the most beautiful natural wonders on our planet. It’s made up of the highest concentration of Hoodoos, or irregular rock columns found anywhere on Earth. Hikers and stargazers flock here in the summer months for the spectacular views and star-speckled skies at night.

White Cliffs of Dover

These awe-inspiring whitewashed cliffs, lining the southern coast of England on the Straight of Dover, owe their name to its chalk composition and black flint streaks. They reach a height of over 100 meters (350 ft) at their highest point and stretch for nearly 13 Kms (8 miles). They serve as symbol of Great Briton’s impenetrable force as they were the site of many failed invasion attempts by continental Europeans.


Water forms

Jellyfish Lake

Located on the diver’s paradise island of Palau in South East Asia, Jellyfish Lake gets its name from its famous nonpoisonous gelatinous inhabitants. They went through a decline for many years due to excessive tourism and drought. But recently they have made a comeback and these curious creatures can be observed in the flesh once again.

Navagio Bay

Tucked away in a hidden corner of the Greek island of Zakynthos is the stunning bay of Navagio. It has a pristine white sand beach and turquoise water and is a favorite of sun-seekers to go snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming. There’s even a rusted shipwreck on the shore.


Seven Rila Lakes

Situated in the northwest Rila Mountains of Bulgaria, these lakes are a beautiful example of a system of lakes. They are nearly all at different altitudes and are connected by a system of netted streams. In the summer they are very popular for hikers, nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts.

Gulf of California

The Gulf of California is formed by the mainland of Mexico and one of the longest peninsulas in the world, Baja California. It’s as famous for its scuba diving as for its raucous party towns and is a favorite of the west coast college students for Spring break. And every time you eat a fish taco think of San Felipe, the origin of the Mexican delicacy.

Strait of Gibraltar

The only natural entry into the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean, this narrow strait is a crossroads between two worlds. Separating the European and African continents by only 14 Kms (9 miles), it is the site of many historical crossings. Hannibal and his elephants attacked the Romans and the Moors conquered Spain in the 8th century. Now in the hands of the British, Gibraltar is an amazing natural wonder with its gigantic rocks and stunning view of the strait below.

Amazon River

Depending on where you look, the Amazon River is considered both the largest by discharge volume and the longest river in the world. It is fed by literally thousands of tributaries, rivers, and streams flowing from all over the northern section of South America. Home to a multitude of species of fish, birds, mammals, and insects it is well known as the most bio-diverse corner of the planet.


Stream at Nine Springs

This lovely woodland area in Yoevil, Somerset, England was converted into a country park in the 1970’s. It is fed by nine springs that supply water to the numerous ponds and streams of the park. It was originally a private estate and is now a popular local retreat for nature walks and cycling.

Delta on Kachemak Bay

Alaska’s first state park, and a favorite of the locals, Kachemak Bay is a wilderness wonderland. The delta is home to untold species of fish, birds and wildlife. The rapidly flowing fingers are perfect for kayaking, fishing and boating. It’s also a favorite of many hikers and campers who seek a taste of nature and fresh air.

McWay Cove

This breath-taking cove is on one of the most famous routes in the US, Big Sur, California. The white sand beaches, emerald waters and waterfall make this one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. It’s so wild, its cliffs so high that the only access to it is by boat. Once a private estate, it was donated to the state in the 1960’s.


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