Montessori Entomology: a study of butterflies

  Is there a more beautiful insect than the butterfly? With their vibrant colors and elegant form they have fascinated humans since the beginning of civilization. But they are a very delicate and complex insects and require a systematic study to fully appreciate their beauty and the role they play in Mother Nature.  Here we […]

Top 10 Calendars to teach the passage of time

Time is an abstract concept that children find very difficult to get their heads around. It can be very frustrating for us parents too. Explaining when something is going to happen or how long they have to wait can be a real challenge, even if it’s something as short as five minutes.   Getting kids […]

10 Tips on raising kids as entrepreneurial parents

Raising children as entrepreneurial parents is challenging, to say the least. Some would even say it’s down-right loony! But that’s exactly what Pilar and I have set out to do. Juggling the duties of a business owner, marketer, blogger, and parent takes a lot of effort, especially with two rambunctious boys. But somehow, we make […]

A Montessori introduction to the wonderful world of bees

Bees are truly amazing critters. Their existence is so vital to the eco-system of this planet and our food resources that our very survival is dependent on them. In this study of bees, I cover a full spectrum of exercises based on both scientific investigation and child-led activities utilizing the Montessori philosophy. I put together […]

Montessori Astronomy – A constellations activity guide

Gazing at the stars and creating constellations, or star patterns, has a rich and long tradition throughout history. This astrological practice dates as far back as the Babylonians or more than 3,000 years. The Greeks took it a step further by naming and documenting about half of the 88 known constellations and loved telling stories […]