Montessori Astronomy – A constellations activity guide

Gazing at the stars and creating constellations, or star patterns, has a rich and long tradition throughout history. This astrological practice dates as far back as the Babylonians or more than 3,000 years. The Greeks took it a step further by naming and documenting about half of the 88 known constellations and loved telling stories […]

A Montessori Dinosaur Activities Guide

Exploring the world of Dinosaurs while implementing Montessori techniques is like taking a time machine back to an amazing and mysterious past when gigantic creatures roamed the Earth. Dinosaurs have fascinated scientists and children since the discovery of their remains, or fossils, and serve as a reminder of their once-dominant existence. The fun and educational […]

Montessori History: Teach the landmarks with these fun facts

This is a guide to the most impressive and historical structures ever made by man from across the globe. It’s full of interesting information and fun facts which you can use as complementary material to the Montessori cultural geography lesson or as a lecture on history. [Disclaimer: this post contains Amazon affiliate links at no […]

Montessori botany lesson: Flowers

The next lesson in our Montessori botany series is dedicated to flowers. The subjects of countless poems and stories the world over flowers have been admired since the dawn of man. They enchant with their beauty, sweet fragrance, and vibrant colors. They help make nature a prismatic bliss to the senses. No lesson on botany […]

Montessori Botany: Seeds and the life cycle of a bean plant

The hands-on, sensorial nature of Montessori botany is designed to get kids curious about plants and how they grow. Kids love to experiment, get dirty, ask questions and learn. This lesson about seeds and the life cycle of a bean plant allows them to do all this and more. Below you will find lesson guides […]

Land and Water Forms Fun Facts

The photo 3-part cards Using the photo nomenclature cards activity is a wonderful method of turning abstract concepts into concrete ones for kids. To assist you as a guide for the Land and Water Forms lesson I have compiled a list of useful information and fun facts about all the land and water forms from the […]

Montessori land and water forms activities that will encourage exploration

Learning the various land and water forms is an integral part of the Montessori physical geography curriculum. Not only is it important academically but it’s also a lot of fun for the kids. In addition, the activities are hands-on and they get to learn about several of the most fascinating topographical formations our planet has […]

Montessori Botany: Trees and Leaves

My son’s school introduced botany to the students the other day. They had to weed a garden and plant lettuce and onions. It was a wonderful experience for the little ones, getting dirty, carefully planting the lettuce and onion buds; they had a great time! It also inspired me to look deeper into the Montessori […]

Montessori Astronomy – Space and our solar system

Space and our solar system have always been a favorite hobby of mine. Astronomy is one of those subjects in school which has unfortunately become very academic and difficult to comprehend, especially for small children. Thankfully, there are many fun and educational activities to spark curiosity and excitement. Using Montessori-inspired materials can assist you in […]