How to teach vocabulary using Montessori 3-part cards

Using Montessori 3-part cards, also known as nomenclature cards, is a proven way of introducing new vocabulary to your child on a variety of topics. Whether it’s science, biology or geography these cards serve as expansive tools for increasing comprehension and memory retention. There are several methods of using learning cards, either as flashcards for […]

Is Montessori education always expensive?

Montessori school post

The Montessori philosophy has been adopted by many generations of parents with the intent of raising their children with an alternative method of education. They have done the research and learned that this education, based on respect and independence rather than traditional teaching methods, has superior results for smaller children. However, most unfamiliar with the […]

Montessori Geography: 4 Steps to teaching kids about our world

When Maria Montessori developed her philosophy of teaching geography, the world was in a volatile state. She lived through two world wars witnessing the destruction of many societies and cultures. For this reason, her ambition was to form ideas of compassion, tolerance, and independence in the minds of her students.  By doing this she hoped […]